Sunday, August 28, 2016

Highway haul

©2016 Barry Smith - Quite a lovely lineup go worn blowtorches
I went for a one full day road trip with Fiona's dad. yesterday. She is away for friends and business so I thought it was a good opportunity to go to a market and a few country towns in our region to check out and buy stuff for lamps and silver-plate. There was about 5.5hours driving involved; but as you can see from the photos below the road trip was worth it.

©2016 Barry Smith - Hand pumps used in the past for pumping fuel out of 200litre fuel drums
©2016 Barry Smith - Stirrup pumps - already partially disassembled
©2016 Barry Smith - Very slender hand pumps
©2016 Barry Smith - Vintage gas welding piece
©2016 Barry Smith - Brass hand pumped fire extinguisher
©2016 Barry Smith - Pair of geared hand drills
©2016 Barry Smith - Slender solid fuel sobering iron
©2016 Barry Smith - Different view of those blowtorches
Quite a few lamps in that lot; and shiny stuff from the seven trays below.

©2016 Barry Smith - Some very l;argue sit;ver-plated trays in this stash
I think I now have enough blow torches for the moment; and my silver-plate bank is maintained.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Preparing for Japan

©2016 Barry Smith - Tiny tags
Fiona and I are joining a fews of our artist friends (N, C & M) in a Sunshine Coast Council sister city art exchange in Tatebayashi Japan in October. The exchange will, amongst other things, include a one week group art exhibition; and a one day citizen's festival.

At the festival the group will work with festival participants to create an environmental themed art piece that could include: a hand made book; a print; a handmade brush; brush art works on paper; a stamped metal leaf; and a string and metal tag to hold it all together..

I have been cutting 100 pieces of metal for flat leaf forms; and 100 small tags with punched holes.

©2016 Barry Smith - Leaves in the rough
©2016 Barry Smith - Lots of leaf offcuts
©2016 Barry Smith - Tags in the rough
©2016 Barry Smith - How the leaves started
©2016 Barry Smith - 100 brass leaf forms cut from an old brass jardiniere 
Today I started the process of polishing the bits - mainly tags today.

©2016 Barry Smith - 100 polish small (from 12mm square to 15mm by 20mm) brass metal tags 
I have also been testing the stamps with different hammers and different surfaces under the metal.

©2016 Barry Smith - Peace, hearts, tree of life, footprints - surely these are all linked to the environment!!!!
I came to the conclusion that a 1kg hammer and the end grain of a hardwood block would work best. Now I'm off too have a Friday night glass or two of red.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The usual impacts of grey skies

We are still officially in winter so I should not be surprised that there are grey skies when we wake early.

The moon setting in grey sky can produce some unusual colours - I love how the background to the moon almost becomes purple or grey-purple.

©2016 Barry Smith - Pastel  moonset
©2016 Barry Smith - Contrast strengthens as the moon gets closer to the horizon and as I zoom in
©2016 Barry Smith - A pale gold moon in a purple sky - impact of zoom?
The grey sky also impacts on the final stages of the moonset - the moon just seems to fade away.

©2016 Barry Smith - A fading morning moon
©2016 Barry Smith - A fading morning moon - sinking
The valley this morning was full of rushing clouds.

The sky over Treehaven Way was pale grey-blue which made for some nice wire and bird on the wire contrasts.

There are signs of spring - new flowers are beginning to appear.

©2016 Barry Smith - Nectar feeders had chewed these blooms off - they were scattered on the ground (weeds) below
Good that when I begin my walks the sun is now up - a real bonus.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A new direction in resin

At the official opening of Entangle Living Art's gallery-shop in Dayboro one of the owners Nola asked if I would make some resin cufflinks and key-rings to complement the resin jewellery I had taken down for the opening.

©2016 Barry Smith - Resin and watch part cufflinks
I have made 6 pairs of the cufflinks and made a few resin brass circles for the key-rings. I started the cuff link process using flat and square or rectangular cufflinks that Fiona's dad had bequeathed to me. Small watch parts were set in the resin. I taped a small frame around each cufflink to hold the resin. After letting them to dry for a day and a half I sanded them into shape. A few photos of the individual pairs follow.

©2016 Barry Smith - Resin and watch part cufflinks
©2016 Barry Smith - Resin and watch part cufflinks

©2016 Barry Smith - Resin and watch part cufflinks

And a photo of the brass circles also with resin and with parts.

©2016 Barry Smith - Resin and watch part key-ring parts
Whilst the resin dried I did some preparation for the citizen's festival we will participate in when we go to Japan for the exhibition in October. I'm making 100 flat brass leaf blanks for metal stamping and 100 small brass tags. But more on that another time

Friday, August 19, 2016

A light challenge

©2016 Barry Smith - Crystal light refraction
A couple of artist friends (Christine and Noela) gave me the challenge of turning a leadlight glass suspended light shade and a large a fire hose nozzle into an Artisan Lamp for Christine.

 I knew I would need to add a couple more pieces to get the height for the lamp - I added a solid steel slip bearing (nice pink and green) and a block of very old and very dark  timber. Fiona thought the slip bearing would work well as it's colours would tone in with the leadlight glass shade. We tested a mock up below.

©2016 Barry Smith - Mock up of the lamp
One of the challenges was to create a bracket that would convert the shade from a hanging arrangement to a supported arrangement. I started by cutting and drilling a piece of 2mm thick brass plate I ha; drilling it so that the centre pipe could be firmly bolted on; and then forming it to fit the hanging cross braces of the shade.

©2016 Barry Smith - Rough cut brass plated  - drilled and bolted
©2016 Barry Smith - Brass plate - polished and bent to shape
The bracket bolted in place; and with the piece of threaded brass coated steel pipe I was using to run through the nozzle into the timber attached.

©2016 Barry Smith - Brass bracket bolted in place with small stainless steel bolts
©2016 Barry Smith - Centre pipe bolted to the bracket before threading through the nozzle and into the timber
I had to widen the nozzle outlet to allow the centre pipe to be threaded through. It all came together; and then it was taken apart again for polishing and reassembling. The electric cable was threaded through the side of the block; up through the pipe; in and out of holes drilled into the new brass support bracket; and finally into the light fitting - whew!!!

©2016 Barry Smith - Artisan Lamp with pumpkin etc
And then there was light.

©2016 Barry Smith - I turned it on outside to be on the safe side - note the cable going up the outside of the bracket.
©2016 Barry Smith - The leadlight shade and it's crystals need a little clean!!!
©2016 Barry Smith - Artisan Lamp - alfresco - bit dark in the shade for photographing
The light was delivered to Christine today and temporarily sits on a corner table.

©2016 Barry Smith - Looking good in it's new home.
So challenge accepted; and outcome achieved.